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How To Start A Bottled Water Company?

Are you interested in starting a water bottling company?

You may hear a lot entrepreneurial hero story rich through bottle water business in Afria.
You may want start a water bottling company but don’t know how to start.
The below is an in-depth cost analysis for starting a bottled water production company.

How much does it take to start a bottled water company?

It is the question when people want to set up a bottled water company. Once you have this question, you are close to the answer.
Neptune machinery have serise water bottling plant with different price range from $33,000 to $ 150,000.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to got the water bottling plant quotation.

How to setup a water bottling plant ?

Complete water bottling plant from A to Z included below 6 kind of machine:
1. Water Bottling Machine
2. Bottle Blowing Machine
3. Industrials Water Purification
4. Water Bottle Labeling Machine
5. Date Printer
6. Bottle Water Packing Machine

1. Water Bottling Machine

bottle water filling process

Best water bottling machine for sale at NEPTUNE MACHINE. Collect rinser, filler and capper in one bottling machine.

  • Linear Type
  • Monoblock Type

Advanced bottling machine. All valve is moving with bottle while working. Make sure all bottle water is continued fast working without any stop.

Small sacle water bottling machine for bottling and production 200ml to 2000ml bottle water.

it is the water bottling machine for producetion small bottled water of an complete water bottling plant

2000BPH Water Bottling Machine

883 Bottled water filling machine aim at 2000bph capacity, so that just fit 8 psc filling head, 8 psc washing head and 3 psc capping head. It save materials cost so that the bottling machine for sale price is cheap.

2000bph Water Bottling Machine

Linear Water Bottling Machine 2000BPH

Its cost is lowest in all water filling machine. And it is most like by first start bottled water business. The whole bottling production process adopt stepless speed regulation having advanced structure. It is placidly and reliable.

2. Bottle Blowing Machine

water bottle blowing process

It blowing the PET preform into plastic PET water bottle. It is mainly use to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral/pure water bottle, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle and so on.

  • Semiautomatic Type
  • Automatic Type

Its materials is an kind of hollow hard tube which also called pet preform. That pet preform is making by injection molding machine. The automatic bottle blowing machine is the second step of the two step making plastic bottle technology.

semiautomatic bottle blowing machine for making plastic water bottle

Semiautomatic Bottle blowing Machine

Semiautomatic water bottle blowing machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles from 100-2000ml. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle etc

bottle blowing moulding machine

Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine

High automatic and reliable water bottle blowing machine. It is mainly to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water bottle, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle and so on.

3. Industrials Water Purification

RO water purification process

75% Purified Water, 25% Waste Water

The RO water purifier plant will producing purified water which reach bottle pure water standard.

Reverse osmosis water purification is made use of pressure as impetus to difference the purified water from the raw liquid. It give pressure to raw liquid. When the pressure exceeds its osmotic pressure. The pure water will reverse osmosis against the direction of natural osmosis. So that got the purified water at the low pressure side of the membrane. And another side is the waste water.

ro 1000lph water purification machine

1000LPH RO Water Purification Machine

1000 LPH RO water treatment machine is the produce pure water system for sachet water filling machine or 1000BPH bottle water production line .

Water Purification Machine for Water Bottling Plant

5000LPH RO Water Purification Machine

RO equipment run stably during a long period. The abio-salt, organic substance, bacteria, heat source and other impurity in the water have been removed after the water was being treated through one grade RO system.

4. Water Bottle Labeling Machine

water bottle labeling process
500ml PVC label for sleeve$ 0.004
500ml Adhesive label for sticker$ 0.012

Sleeve shrink water bottle labeling machine price is about 3times of the adhesive water bottle labeling machine. But the adhesive label materials price is about 3times of the PVC label .

sleeve labeling machine

Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

Sleeve labeling machine scan system will read every pass bottle and instant sleeve one PVC label on the bottle, Then after later small brusher will position the label automatic,With label bottles go through the high temperature shrinking tunnel, hot gas will let the PVC labels shrink tightly on the bottle.


Self Adhesive Water Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

It is for the pressure sensitive type dry glue applied adhesive label, the label will be roll-fed type to pre-set the label through the locating post for guiding the label into the right place for the pressure sensitive label application station, where the label will be applied onto the bottle by wrap around on the bottle automatically.

5. Bottle Water Expire Time Printer

As we can find 99% bottled water selling in market and shop have a expire time. So a expire time printer is important in an water bottling plant.

Bottled water expire time printer for printing expire date, produce date or code on the bottle water when them pass on the conveyor belt.

But there are a lot expire time printer in the world. Here is introduce the best 3 type expire time printer for bottle water.

Inkjet printer

Water Cap Expire Time Printer

It is a very cheap time, code and words ink jet printer. Made use of thermal foaming technology.

It can also printing content on the body of the bottle water. But it need requirement the printer-head very closed to the bottle water.

laser code printer for bottle water 1

Laser Expire Time Printer

The water bottle laser printer transfer electricity into laser, and printing on surface of different goods. Beauty and only cost electricity. Do not cost other materials.

6. Bottle Water Packing Machine

water bottle packing process

Shrink wrapping machine for bottles is the final bottled water packing machine of the complete water bottling line.

Water bottle shrink wrapping machine will wrap film on a lot bottled water and got tight all bottled water after go through steam tunnel.

It made use of the PE,POF,PP,PVC etc as packing material as materiasl. The film will shrink while face hot temperature.

wrap package machne

Automatic Wrapping Shrink Packing Machine

It will wrap film on 12/24psc bottle water and heating shrinking the film.Made it tight for easy carry.

wrapping shrink package machine for water bottle

Semiautomatic Wrapping Shrink Packing Machine

Water bottle shrink wrapping machine will wrap film on a lot bottled water and got tight all bottled water after go through steam tunnel.

Why Neptune

Manufacturer of complete pure water and mineral water bottling plant. Neptune machinery make it easy to setup a bottled water plant. Offer versea installation.

bottle design by neptune machine for water bottle

Free Design

Pre-Sales bottle drawing , label and bottling layout free design.

SONCAP certificate of neptune machinery


SONCAP & ISO9001 certification of Neptune bottling line

neptune sending engineer to nigeria install water bottling line

Global Install

Supply engineer oversea install even in Iraq. printing and typesetting