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NEP-1000BPH Water Bottling Plant For Sale

NEP-1000BPH Water Bottling Plant For Sale

Not need $33000

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NEP-1000BPH Water bottling plant is the first plant of most small bottled water company first start bottled water business. They start from it and profit from bottled water business. Then expend to big capacity and automatic water bottling plant. Newest updated NEP-1000BPH Water Bottling Plant For Sale.

Its design simple and friendly use. It is very reliable and less trouble. What’s more, one machine stop do not effect other machine production. Also, its disadvantage is cost labor. But most customer buy this bottling plant who have an cheap labor local.

It is an complete water bottling plant for small bottled water. From 200ml to 2000ml volume bottled water. And its capacity of production is 1000 bottles per hour depend on 500ml bottled water. It can use to bottled mineral water and purified water.

Complete water bottling line included bottle blower, water purification, bottle washing, water filler, bottle capping, bottle labeling and package.
Volume of bottle: 0.2 Liter-2 Liter
Production : 1000 Bottles per hour
Whole line Worker Inquiry: 10 workers
Product: Pure bottle water, Mineral bottled water, Spring bottle water and other bottle drinks.

Video of the 1000BPH water bottling line

How to Start Bottle Water Business in Thailand

NEP-1000BPH Water bottling line Equipment List:

It is use to heating and blowing plastic pet bottle from 100-2000ml.


It is use to purified the raw water, removed everything of raw water to produce pure water which reach pure bottle water standard.

Ink jet printer(Optional)

It is use to printing & ink produce date jet on the bottle water only.

Whole filling line process from washing, negative pressure,filling, settle cap, buckle cap till screw cap.

Worker manual labeling the bottle, then the bottle water go through shrink tunnel and the PVC label will get tight on the bottle because of the high temperature hot gas.

It can be use to packing 6/12/24 piece bottle water in one package

Bottle design

500ml carbon drink bottle design
1500ml bottle design

30psc top suggestion beauty bottle drawing suggestion, Hundred of world famous bottle design for choice. Make it easy to own an unique bottle design, refuse bad bottle design which will lead bad business.
Client also can DHL us the really bottle sample. We will use 3D scanning machine scanning the bottle which is completely same with the really bottle.


Free Design Bottle Label

aqua label design

Two sleeve labeling design options for selection
a. Send us your original document of labeling design, so that we can directly use it to modify and produce plastic label.
b. Do not have any design before, give us information you want show on the label. Then we will commissioned the most professional label design company design label for you until you are satisfied.

Free professional drawing plant layout according customer’s factory size.

1000BPH Water bottling production line layout

Provide plant size and Selected Equipment, then we will free doing the layout for you before you made order.

NEP-1000BPH water bottling production line at least need 12meter long and 6meter width production room. More big is more good, usually not over 2000square meter.

Water Bottling Plant For Sale, Mature and Simple

bottle water plant loading wrap bottle water into truck for freight to

The production room better at the first floor. Closed to the road. So that it is easy for truck to enter and loading bottle water. At first, you can manual loading bottle water to truck, after some month, you will profit high and can buy an forklift car easy loading.