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Sleeve Shrinking Manual Labeling Machine

Semiautomatic Bottle Sleeve lable shink Process

It is complete manual sleeve labeling system, it need worker sleeve label on every pass bottle water by hand. So it is manual. Then the bottle water with label go through shrink tunnel. When the PVC label face hot-gas, PVC label will automatic shrink, so that it will got very tight on the body of the bottle. The steam generator is use to produce gas and supply hot-gas for the shrink tunnel.



Our shrink packaging tunnel is designed for shrinking labels on a wide range of sizes and shapes of bottles and jars. The finished application is smooth, without
ripples. It is typically used in packaging beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals forming a seal over the cap and bottle to protect consumers.

1. Long-life stainless steel heaters
2. Adjustable shrink temperature, up to 250° C
3. Electronic control of temperature and conveyor speed
4. Tunnel height is adjustable to match different production lines

PM-1200 Steam generator


It using copper high pressure potential vortex pump entering water. Water supply time is short, durable.
The water tank is provided with a liquid level float ball which automatic control water inlet. The working system is fully automatic control system, connected to water,
the working efficiency is very high

Whole Layout of Manual Labeling Machine

Manual sleeve label shrinking system

Equipment list included:

  1. 4meter conveyor belt
  2. 1psc Motor
  3. 1psc label working table
  4. 1set Steam boiler
  5. 1set Shrink tunel