How To Start Bottled Water Business

How To Start Bottled Water Production

sleeve labeling botte drink1. Find a factory place – You need to acquire a property or rent a place, getting your own property and developing it is the most desirable option as that will save you cost in the long run.
1. Semiautomatic bottled water plant at least need 7*10 meters room.
2. Automatic water bottling production at least need 10*20 meters factory room,more big is more good.

2. Find a water source-
1. If your source water is unable to drinking directly,you need RO water treatment machine to purify it. (like city water,tap water,river water,underground water,borehole water,salt water,well water,even sea water)
2. If you have a good water source,like spring water,mineral spring which is very clear. Use the UF treatment to produce natural spring bottle water or natural mineral bottle water.But the source is treasure and hard to find.

3. Register your company and brand name 
1. You need register a company at some Administration for Industry and Commerce.
2. You need register a bottled water brand named if you want expend in future.The name your water products will be known for. Branding is very important in business, so in addition to your business name, design a very professional logo for your product because perception is the best sales man. Make your brand stands out among others!

4. Employ worker-Best have relevant industry experience worker,at first at least seven workers normal semiautomatic line or automatic line. Because they are learning from install engineers,And after factory normal running or expend to hire more worker. And the first seven worker to be the manager.

5. Buy and install water bottling plant
We manufacturers of bottling machines for the pure/mineral/spring water, beverage in China. We are China Wal-Mart and Carrefour 10 years supplier and build over hundred of water purification system and bottling plant for Government organization,high school,university,Armed Police Force. We have a team of 52 experienced technicians for installation and maintenance, which helps ensure the high quality of our products and top-ranking service as well.Your can through the follow link to know more about water bottling plan you are interesting and contact us for the quote program.

6. Get Food Administration Approved

7. Sell bottled water
How to sell your bottle water

8. Advertising