3/5Gallon Water Line

Working Process

RO water purification system to produce the best pure water. Then completely 5gallon bottle reuse treatment and washing filling capping labeling line.This bottling line is for 3 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon bottle water. All parts contacting water are made of 304L stainless steel, with ozone-resistance and in compliance with food-grade standards. Nozzles are inserted to rinse the bottles thoroughly.Fast cycle system is adopted for heated alkali rinsing, drastically decreasing electricity consumption.Controlled by PLC, it is fully automatic.


All line controlled by PLC, the water bottling machine integrates the functions of 3/5 gallon bottle washing, filling and capping on one set of machine.
It is manufactured in compliance with the standard of American Drinking Water Industry Association, and with reference to overseas newest type of machine
It not only have advanced technology, high automatically, easy operation and reliable performance, but also small size, small weight and beautiful appearance, anti-corrodibility, thorough disinfection, effective antipollution and high quality. The device employs key components of electrical appliances and metal materials manufactured by brand factories at China and abroad. Nonmetallic components are manufactured elaborately by wearable materials, such as nontoxic PP plastic, etc.

Whole line only need 3workers, one putting empty bottle , one looking after by side, one final carry the bottle water to storage room

Small Invest, Big Profit

5Gallon bottled water business is the most mature water business. Usually factory directly sell to water shop station or family. The production is not as high as small bottle water plant. For example, The most popular line is just 300bottles per hour. One day 8hour running, it is 2400bottles per day. It is enough for a city of 50,000 peoples.

One 5gallon or 19l 20l bottle water sell at 0.71dollar. The water materials cost very less. And the bottle is reuse. The mostly cost is the porter who handing the bottle water to customer family. If factory just profit 0.3dollar per bottle. So one day can profit 2400*0.3=720dollar. Per year 365*720=26280dollar. When an plant cost 1/10 of the profit.

Different Production For choice

Mainly Included Follow Machine

Different Production Layout