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5 Gallon Blow Molding Machine High Quality

5 Gallon Blow Molding Machine for PET Plastic Bottle

5 Gallon Blow Molding Machine for PET Plastic Bottle

5 gallon blow mold machine blowing hollow hard tube preform into 5-25 liter pet plastic bottle. It mainly used to produce 3 gallon 5 galllon 6 gallon reuse pet mineral water-bottle by water factory. It is improved over 20years and been certified best making for 5gallon pet-bottle.

Volume of product: 10-25L (3-5gallon)
Production capacity: 60 Bottles Per Hour

20 ltr bottle blow molding machine

Drawing of the 5 gallon pet plastic bottle

5 Gallon Blow Mold

5 gallon mold

The 5 gallon pet bottle making technology have two step. First step is making preform. Second step is blowing preform into plastic bottle.

The 5 gallon blow moulding machine is the second step of this bottle making technology.

It blowing & molding the 5gallon preform into 5gallon pet bottle. Because preform take small room and strong which easy freight. So a lot bottled water company buy preform and making 5gallon bottle in factory to save freight cost.

Materials of the 5 Gallon Bottle

PET preform used to making 5gallon plastic water bottle 3
PET preform

The 5gallon water bottle blowing machine is made use of hollow hard tube pet preform to prooducing 5gallon pet plastic bottle.

5 gallon reuse bottle usually strong so that the preform need use heavy preform like 700gram preform to 800gram preform.

Technique Parameter of the 5 gallon blow molding machine

Product material PET
Volume 5L-25L(3-5Gallon)
Actual output 60-90PCS/H
Preform length 15mm-460mm
Preform inner diameter φ5mm-200mm
Max.mould plate Dimenstion(L x W) 420x500mm
Max.mould thickness 400mm
Clamping force 330KN
Mould opening stroke 380mm
Main machine (L x W x H) 218*77*196cm
Main machine weight 1000Kg
Heater (L x W x H) 237*68*165cm
Heater weight 380Kg
Power 40kw

Lastest 5 Gallon Bottle Blow Making Machine

5 gallon pet plastic bottle blow molding machine

Why neptune 5 gallon blow molding machine?

1. Perfect function with economic investment.
2. Small size and compact construction with no space waste.
3. Easy to operate and maintain ,operation by one person .
4. Saving power and uneasy to worn out ,Adopting new double crank four bars to lock mould, the cross fixed. Providing high pressure blowing system.
5. We can provide performs and various bottle& cap molds for 5 gallon and 3gallon bottles to meet customer’s requirements.

How it work?

Oven will heating the preform into idea temperature. Then need worker carry the preform into blow mold.

And air compressor will supply air which filter by air filter and air dryer. Then the blower unit will blow air into the preform and blow it into idea plastic bottle according the mold.

Layout of the BM-S25L bottle blowing making machine process

Layout of the BM-S25L bottle blowing making process

Equipment list of complete 5 gallon blow molding machine

BM-S25L Blow Molding Machine 1set
HP Air Compressor 1.2m3/min; 30Kg 1set
Air dryer(Inside 2 air filters) 2.0 m3/min ;30Kg 1 set
Inner heater 1set
Blow Mold 5-25L 1 set
Spare parts 1set
Air pipe 1set

Video of 5gallon bottle make machine

18.9L Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machine

New use for blowing once use 300gram plastic bottle

once use blow mold

According customer inquiry, this bm-s25l blow molding machine now also used to produce once use 10liter to 25liter plastic pet bottle.

It made use of 300 gream pet preform which just half of the 5 gallon reuse preform.

If you already own an complete 5 gallon blow molding machine and now want to produce the once used 20 ltr plastic bottle. Only need add one set blow mold.

This bm-s25l can through change blow mold to produce different shape and volume plastic bottle.