How An Bottled Water Plant Profit

An 500ml purified bottled water wholesale price in shop or supermarket is $0.2-0.3 depend on different Country.

An bottle water factory sell 500ml bottle water to agent price is usually at $0.09. It have been confirm by an lot bottle water plant owner.

Does it profit?

Yes, Super good business model






The directly materials of one 500ml bottled water is:

The water and power cost is very less compare with materials cost. One 500ml purified water mainly cost is the materials cost, all materials cost total USD 0.00481. Usually bottled water factory directly sell 1piece 500ml bottle water to agent at USD0.09 , Leave enough profit for agent who sending the bottled water to shop or customer. It seem 1piece bottle water profit very small, but if multiply the number, it is big amount. For example. NEP-1000BPH water bottling plant production is 1000bottles per hour, it is synchronous production. One day can produce 1000*24=24000 bottles per day.(Not like USA machine just use false production mislead customer. USA machine a lot manual hand than also called semiautomatic bottling line, actually it is just manual bottling line and whole day production can not reach 2000bottles per day.) Usually a lot of our Africa customer have cheap labor, then running whole bottling line 16hours everyday with two shifts. Every shift 8hours. So, mostly NEP-1000BPH production 16000bottles per day. One piece of 500ml bottle water profit $0.09-$0.481=$0.0419. So one day total profit $0.0419*16000=$670 . One month 30days profit $20112. About two month all invest back. 1year profit more than $241344. If choice NEP-20000BPH water bottling line, then production is double and profit double. If choice NEP-4000BPH water bottling plant, then production 4times and profit 4times.

The key point of bottled water business is: Fast sell product out, Fast got back money.