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How to Selling Sachet Water?

31 03 2013 special

First you already own an sachet water company from how to make sachet water. Now it is time to know how to selling the sachet water. Different sachet water company selling sachet water in different ways.

The Africa sahcet water market is big enough for a lot sachet water company. And because every resource water flow is not very big capacity. So it always have chance to selling sachet water.

Someone also called the sachet water “pure water”. Because 95% sachet water company used industrial RO water purifier as the purification machine to produce pure water. The RO water is super pure.

Sachet water business is the smallest invest water business. There are a lot successful stories that someone through open a sachet water company to be a hero in every city.

This article just share some informations how to selling sachet water

1. Do not look at how much you make on 1/100 piece sachet

sachet filling machine scaled

One bag sachet water may help you just profit $ 0.01. And one hundred piece sachet water just profit less than 1 dollar.

But check the sachet water filling machine capacity of production. Its one hour capacity is 2000 psc per hour. It can produce 16000 psc 500ml bag water at least per day if just working 8 hours. Some sachet water company let it running 20 hours to got 40000psc sachet water per day.

A lot sachet water company own 10 set or more sachet water machine. Because 1 set sachet water filling machine just $ 1350 cost. It is easy for a lot sachet water company produce 100000psc per day.

For example. one sachet water machine produce 40000psc per day. So its profit 400 dollar per day. And one year 300 days can profit 120k dollar. So that do not just look at 1/100 piece sachet water profit. One hundred piece sachet water is just sachet filling machine 3 mins capacity of production.


2. Find as much as possible distributors and retailers

retailers for selling sachet water

Sachet water is a convenient safe drink water way when an people on traveling or outdoor sport. When people back home or office then can easy got other drinking water. It is timely satisfaction the outdoor people. Actually, it is selling the convenient.

If you have enough distributors, they can distribution your sachet water to large number of place. Or they can distribution to large number of retailers. You do not need care about one retailers. They maybe selling less than one hundred piece sachet water per day. They profit it for living. You just need a large number of distributors and retailers. Find more distributor help you selling more sachet water.

3. Selling cooling sachet water

mobile temperature keeper

Africa weather is hot. It will be nice if any buyer got a cool sachet water. Find some way help your retailers selling cooling sachet water like portable insulation box. Maybe just an foam box inside with cotton for keep ice sachet water or cooling sachet water.

4. Bring Profit to other and will feedback

sahet water package

Bring profit to other. Then they will profit you. They do the selling sachet water business and profit. So that they willing selling more of your sachet water.

Your sachet water must have a good brand and materials should not higher others a lot. Price competition sometimes is meaningless. But if your machine and materials cost cheaper a lot than others. You will have a natural advantge at first. Your machine cost cheap and good running. Your materials cost cheap and beauty. You are already win at the beginning.

5. Keep a positive brand without care about a few money

More distributors and retailers will help you selling more sachet water. But the customers are the one who final paid it. Distributors and retailers complain maybe because they want profit more. If customer complaining because they want better sachet water. Try to give it to them. Satisfaction customer and will feedback from them.

6. Do not sell any leakages sachet water

Sachet water leakage is unavoidable. Because sachet film thickness is thin and its sealing forming. The key point is not let customer buy a leakage sachet water which give them bad impression.

Let the retailers tell every customer advanced check if sachet water leakage and buy the good sachet water is good. But if any customer buy the sachet water and after sometimes back and want to change. It also need change to them if check it really sachet water leakage not by drinking.

Also, need allow retailers use leakage sachet film to change a new sachet water from company. Allow retailers change it for customer.

At the first day it needd to build the change records for the leakage sachet water. Because company have a lot retailers so that easy can from statistics data find which retailers change number is over others. They maybe a few stealing retailers but most retailers will be good. And sachet water company can give warnings for stealing retailers or arrange people check around for if really have specially customer aim those retailers.

Keep a large number of retailers is help sachet water company a lot. Not only can help selling more sachet water. But also can help sachet water balance them.

7. Save and plan

water bottling plant neptune 2560

Life is shorter, once start sachet water business, then will have a dream of bottled water business. Keep your thought on having your own bottled water production plant factory someday.