How To Sell Bottle Water

a. Design a beauty bottle and label. Produce every bottle water just like a artworks

Every bottle water profit is few, but it is fast consumer. Our smallest bottling line can produce at most 7.2 million bottle water, every bottle water profit $0.02. It have a great profit every year.
Competitors will never disappear. One competitor brand close and there maybe another open. We need to do is let our bottle water have unique sell point. Unique design of label and bottle will help you save 50% time to success and keep your long time business. We are the most professional bottling plant supplier.We hope you are not just producing bottle water, but producing a series of artworks. Consumers won’t refuse artwork.

b. Fixed your bottle water price for every grade agent and shop.

Usually we will have fourth grade agent. 1th: Big Dealer 2th: Small Dealer 3th: Wholesaler 4th: Shop/market
Of course. you can only have one grade agent. And future business expend to have more grade agent.
Every grade must be different. Or the channel will collapse because of different agent compete price.
For example: we give the 1th agent 0.13dollar/bottle. Must let the 1th sell to the 2th at the $0.14/bottle . And 2th agent sell to 3th at $0.16/bottle. And 3th agent sell to 4th shop at $0.2/bottle.
When someone contact us and want be one agent, We should not directly sell to them. And according his Sales ability and let our appropriate agent to sell to him. Help our agent got more downgrade agent.

We should fixed every grade agent price. Agent can update or downgrade . But same grade agent must got the same bottle water price . It is very important for stable the channel.
Every grade is not unique, it should be close to up grade and down grade. If business smaller, can less the agent grade. If business expend ,we can long the agent grade.
We-Bottle water company should care about every grade agent,Invest resources to every grade agent. We can not just care about the first grade and let them to developing other grade agent. A lot famous bottle water company collapse because they just care about the first grade, some first grade do not willing to care about the next grade, and leading every grade agent compete price. If our different grade agent complete price, It is not only the price question, it will  leading the market close to our bottle drink brand.

c. Try to find such agent which can make our bottle water value-added.

We find some agent which just want got the cheapest price. Confusion our agent grade. We must clear them even they are good at selling. They are not our idea agent. We should help such agent which agree our brand philosophy and give the downgrade best service. They are not only let our bottle water become more value, but also let final customer agree our brand philosophy.

d. If possible, Completely abandon the all of the above.

If possible we can completely abandon the all of the above.Every grade agent have the same price. Like $0.3/bottle. But every grade agent delivery how many bottle water to next grade can got delivery or service reward.
For example: 1th agent sending 1million bottle to 10psc different 2th agent. 1th agent can profit 1million* every bottle water delivery reward.
2th agent sending 0.1million bottle to 10psc different 3th agent. 2th agent can profit 0.1million* every bottle water delivery reward.
3th agent sending 0.01million bottle to 100psc shop. 3th agent can profit 0.01million * every bottle water delivery reward.
Shop list the bottle water and sell it at $0.3/bottle. Shop can profit 0.0001*every bottle water delivery reward.
Notice every grade got the price is the same $0.3/bottle. Between every grade the bottle water price should be same. They just profit from the bottle water delivery reward.
But 2th,3th and 4th agent can not directly buy the bottle water from you or skip grade.
The theoretical basis is every grade agent value-added on the bottle water. They should be profit by their value-added.

e. Coca Cola new water brand Ice Dew success


They use very light preform to save the materials cost. One of the 500ml bottle water materials cost is ultra-low, just about $0.05/bottle.
But the shop sell one 500ml bottle water price is $0.33/bottle. ( Every year sell over 2 billion bottles in China, profit 0.56 billion dollar )
At first, coca cola build itself sales team and visit every shop in one city. They sell it at $0.1/bottle to the shop own, and shop own sell one of Ice dew bottle water, can profit $0.23.
Super high profit will let the shop owner putting the bottle water at the best location.Even some shop owner just list the Ice Dew bottle water.

Through this way. A lot agent saw it, they will contact Coca cola and want be the agent of the Ice Dew brand.
Coca cola company only given those agent whole-sales right who can directly delivery bottle water to every shop. And coca cola company also just sell it $0.1/piece to the agent, and contact with them, limit them only can sell it at $0.1/bottle to the shop owner.
How the agent profit?
As we introduce before, because the agent delivery bottle from coca cola factory to the shop. They can got the bottle water delivery reward from coca cola company.
Coca cola win in China Capital beijing. Then they just need copy this way in big city of China. China have 10psc city people close or over 10million and have 200psc city people over 1million.

And every agent delivery one bottle water will reward from coca cola company.

f. New Trends: Visit every shop only

We can build one sales team, and let sales visit the shop everyday, keep good relationship with the shop and super-market.
Know every shop sell our bottle water detail and fast supplement the bottle water. Our company car directly sending our bottle water to every shop which lack goods.

g. Independent advertising

If we want do advertising for our bottle water brand. We should do it independent. The money use to advertising bottle water should come from company profit only, we can not add price on bottle water because of doing advertising. We can not add the cost in our agent.
We should considerable about advertising cost at first setting our bottle water price.
It will be better to let our bottle water market price same as our competitors. Do not change our bottle water price easy.
We can give more profit to our agent or the shop owner.Through increase our sales bottle water to profit more.