200BPH 5Gallon Bottle Water Production Machine

200BPH 5Gallon Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine

200BPH 5Gallon Bottled Washing Filling Capping Machine

3-in-1 (washing / filling / capping) big bottle filling machine is strictly according to the U.S. drinking water industry Association standards.
Most electrical components produced by China famous brand and key materials produced by international famous company.
Its is high automation, convenient operation and reliable performance.
Its size is small, whole machine weight is light and it has a beauty appearance. Its corrosion resistance is strong, its disinfection function is very good, it’s can effectively prevent air pollution to ensure the products have a high quality and so on.

Working process of neptune 5gallon
bottle water production machine

The 5gallon bottle water production machine entire process control by the PLC, precise positioning automatically, using less power, low labor intensity.
It made of high strength stainless steel, precision arc welding, variant small, beautiful welding lines; transmission parts for the stainless steel structure to ensure that the institutions in the normal operation of a variety of environments; non-metallic parts are made of PP plastic and other non-toxic high Wear-resistant materials carefully processed.The drive motor and the booster pump mostly use the domestic export-oriented series stainless steel products.Series of electrical components used imported or domestic famous series of hardcover which is more stable and reliable.

Video of 200BPH 5gallon water bottling machine

Layout of 200BPH 5gallon water bottling machine

Bottle feeding>Disinfectant rinse>Rinse water>Pure water rinse>off the bottle>Push the bottle rack bottle stand>Pure Water Filling>(Li cover) cover of>Gland>Finished water


Production capacity 200 Buckets/hour
Bottle’s capacity 18.9 Liters (equal to 5 gallons)
11.3 Liters (equal to 3 gallons)
Bottle’s specification (mm) Φ270×490×Φ56
Cap’s specification (mm) Φ58×40 (strip:L18mm,W:7.5mm)
Rated input power 2.8KW
Conveying electromotor 0.37KW
Disinfectant washing pump 0.37KW×2
Pure water washing pump 0.37KW
Pure water washing/filling pump 0.55KW×2
Cap-aligning electromotor 0.06KW
Power supply AC 380V±5%  50Hz
Rated current 8A
Net weight 380kg
Outer size 3220×980×1600(mm)
Requirement of air compressor 0.1 M3     0.17M3/Min   0.8MPa/Cm2
Requirement of water supply 4.8M3/H

Machine’s framework

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Main supporter of the machine consists of stainless steel foursquare pipe with beautiful appearance and firm structure. Subsidiary supporter which is joined to the main supporter functions for separating the workaround and supporting.

Washing part: consisting of conveying structure, water tank, water washing pipeline, etc.

Conveying mechanism of washing

The mechanism uses the whole machine frame as basic prop up with conveying electromotor and drive bearing fixed on the supporter. The conveying motor carries the driving shaft, driven shaft and two pairs of nylon chain wheels and stainless steel chains on the shafts. And then the stainless steel chains convey the bottle seat which is fixed on it to transfer the bottle to be disinfected.

Water tank

The machine equips two tanks made by stainless steel plate. One is used for disinfectant solution, which is employed for disinfectant collection and circulating. The other one is water tanks, which are employed for water collection and circulating. There is no water tank for pure water which will be refluenced to the water tank. There is a water gauge for observing the height of disinfectant.

Water washing pipeline

The machine’s pipeline is conglutinated by special water pipe fittings with food grade products. Disinfectant, germfree water (pure water) washing, germfree water (pure water) filling and water filling pipeline are independent. Disinfectant is supplied by water tank while germfree water (pure water) is supplied by outer mechanism; germfree water (pure water) washing and filling are separated into two pipelines, on which install one electromagnetic valve respectively. Individual electromagnetic valve and pump turn off after finishing washing or filling.

Filling capping system part: consisting of filling, capping and bottle sending system.

1.Bottle pushing & filling system

The bottle pushing mechanism is constructed by the connection of bottle pushing cylinder and stainless steel bottle pushing bracket, its fixed pedestal builds in the machine’s framework. Water filling system consists of stainless steel water filling head, filling electromagnetic valve and filling head location adjusting plate.

2.Cap-aligning, cap-covered and capping system

The cap-aligning system consists of cap-aligning box, cap-aligning tray, cap-aligning electromotor and bottle cap slide track. The cap is slid into the cap-covered area from the cap-aligning slide track for waiting to be covered. When the full bottles pass the cap-covered area, the cap is covered on the bottle head depending on the contrary force from bottle carrying and cap-covered mechanism, being pushed into the capping area synchronously. Capping mechanism consists of capping tray, capping cylinder and adjustable capping supporter. It starts to cap while the conveying electromotor runs. (The whole capping mechanism can be regulated up and down according to the height of the bottle.)

Note: In order to make the machine more stable during its working, the bottle caps on the cap-aligning mechanism must be kept dry and can not be dripped for prevention of electric breakage, which makes the equipment unable to work.

3.Bottle out conveying system

Bottle out conveying system consists of bottle out supporter, bottle pushing cylinder and bottle conveying slide track. The disinfected and washed bottles will be overturned to the bottle conveying slide track by the bottle washing conveying mechanism. The bottle conveying cylinder runs and pushes bottles to the filling location, then conveys it to the cap-covered area and capping area by next disinfected and washed bottle, and be pushed out. 

4. Electric system 

The electric part consists of PLC controller, AC contactor, Time Relay and Air Switch.

5.  Pneumatic system

The pneumatic part consists of Cylinder, Pneumatic electromagnetic valve and pneumatic control electric control box.