1000LPH RO Water Treatment Machine

1000Liter Per Hour RO Water Purification Machine

Reverse osmosis(RO) Water purification machine included micro-filtration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis , ultraviolet(UV) disinfection , ozone water treatment and ultra purification technology. It is the best water treatment equipment which can directly purified the tap water, underground water, river water, well water and borehore water into ultra-pure water.

Supply pure water for water filling machine

1000LPH RO water treatment machine is the produce pure water system for 1000BPH bottle water production line . As we know, bottle water shelf life is usually as long as 1 year. It must be completely pure water without any harmful item and bacteria. Reverse osmosis membrane can remove inorganic ions , colloidal substances and macromolecular solute of raw water.

Reverse osmosis technology is typically used seawater, brackish freshwater; softening water treatment; wastewater treatment as well as food, medicine, chemical industry, purification, concentration, separation and other aspects. In addition, reverse osmosis desalination technology in pre-treatment also achieved good results, enabling the ion exchange resin is reduced to easily load more than 90% recycled resin dosage can be reduced by 90%. Therefore, not only cost savings, but also conducive to environmental protection. Reverse osmosis technology can also be used to remove particles in water, organic substances, colloidal material, ion exchange resins to reduce pollution, to extend the service life have a good effect.

General feature:

1) RO system automatic control for flush and backwash.
2) C.I.P. chemical cleaning system for RO membrane.
3) Chemical dosing port for unti-scaling and PH adjustment for optional choice.
4) U-PVC pipe and fitting for low pressure part, SS304 pipe for high pressure part.
5) LG PLC control system with water level control
6) Auto pump protection for electric shortage, pressure protection, water level protection.

Water application

1) Suitable water source: Tap water, surface well water
2) Inlet water TDS limit: Below 2000ppm (for other water source, please provide us water report for detailed analysis for choosing other brand of RO membrane)
3) Water recovery ratio: 70%
4) RO membrane salt rejection ratio: 99.6%
5) Treated water TDS range: 30 to 50ppm. (Bottled water standard)

Parameters :

1) Power consumption: 5.25Kw
2) RO membrane: ESPA4040 x 4pcs
3) Membrane housing: SS304
4) Silica sand filter: 250kgs
5) Coconut active carbon filter: 125kgs
6) Micron filter: 5 micron

Mainly included

1. Original pump Power:0.75KW
2. 100KG Quartz sand filter Flow :2M3 / h
3. 50KG Active carbon filter Flow:2M3 / h
4. Precision filter Flow 2M3 / h
5. Multistage Pump
6. Conductivity Monitor
7. Flow meter
8. Solenoid valve
9. 40W UV Sterilization assembly
10. 3G Ozone Generator and mixing system

Technical index:

a. Output water flux: 1M³/h Water temperature: 25℃
b. Output water quality: Accord with National bottle drinking water standard GB17323-1998.
Functions of the ro water treatment equipment:
RO membranes auto wash and manual wash
RO membranes manual wash with medicine
Pure water high water level auto stop,low water level auto start
Multi-phases pump protected without water
Protected when no power,poor power,large electrical cuttent short circuit,creepage of electricity