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Water Production Line NEP-6000BPH

Complete Water Bottling Plant From A to Z for 200ml-2liter Bottled Water

It is an turnkey Water Production Line from begin to the end one-stop solution. RO water purification for filter water into purified water. Blow molding machine for making plastic empty bottle. Water bottling machine three in one for washing bottle and filler purified water into the plastic bottle then capper it. Sleeve labeling machine for automatic sleeve label and shrining it got tight on the bottle water. Wrap packaging machine for wrap film on 6-24 bottles in one bag.

This water production line just need an 300 square meter production room. Because its production is not big. So that it do not need too much middle buffer conveyor. Aim to fast and smooth finished every process and got the final bottled water.

This blow molding machine making plastic bottle in the same factory. Because heating and blowing preform process is kill bacteria. Fast sending it to washing filling and capping without any human being touch will good for reduce bactrials pollution.

The most expensive machine in this water production line is the blow molding machine. It is the bottleneck of this line. In order to reach the highest effective of this bottling line. NEP-6000BPH line every machine capacity is bigger a little than blow molding machine. Other machine have over capacity just make sure the blow molding machine running its biggest capacity. So that make complete water bottling line output can reach 6000 bottles per hour.

6000BPH water bottling line

Water production line parameter

Volume of product200ml 300ml 500ml 555ml 600ml 1000ml 1500ml 2000ml bottled water
Production room inquiry200 square meter to 800 square meter
Capacity of production6000 bottles per hour depend on 500ml bottled water
Shipment room2 PSC 40HQ container

Equipment list of water production line

For produce plastic bottle

bottle blow molding machine for making plastic bottle

Plastic Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

For filter the raw water

Water Purification Machine for Water Bottling Plant

RO Water Purification System for filter the water

Rinser filler and capper


3 in 1 Water Bottling Machine

For labeling and shrinking the bottle water

Bottle Water Sleeve Labeling Machine

Sleeve Labeling Machine

Printing produce date on bottle water

made in china videojet printer

Videojet printer

Wrap packaging 6-24 bottles water


Wrap Packaging Machine