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NEP-1600BPH Purified Water Bottling Line For Sale

1600BPH semiautomatic water bottling line

NEPTUNE water bottling line for sale. complete process from blowing bottle, water purify, washing, negative pressure, filling, settle cap, buckle cap till screw cap, labeling, printing, packing.

Production capacity1600 bottles/h
Filling bottle specification200ml to 2000ml.(Up1500ml bottle machine need customize,not need premium)
Labor Inquiry7 workers
Production room inquiryAt least 100 square meter
Ship room inquiry40 HQ container

Factory layout of bottled water production line

150square meter small bottle water production plant layout

15meter long, 10meter width workshop inquiry

nep-1600bph line just need an small production room, suggestion use first floor which easy for final product carry. Mainly three part: water purification room, blow molding room and bottling room.

water bottling factory
botte water wrap well sample

nep-1600bph water bottling line for sales included equipment

  • Semi automatic wrap packing machine
  • Date printing machine

Two workers putting preform in the heating oven of the blow molding machine, then they move heating well preform into blower for blowing preform into idea shape plastic bottle. RO water purification system will automatic produce pure water and supply the filling machine. Two workers need moved the blowing well plastic empty bottle and loading them into 3-in-1 filling machine. And filling machine have fan will wind empty bottle into system and washing the empty bottle, then filled pure water into empty bottle, final screw cap at every bottled water. And conveyor system will automatic moved bottled water to labeling station. Worker need manual sleeve label on bottled water. Then bottled water with label go through high temperature steam shrink tunnel. The steam will heating every PVC label. PVC label will shrink and got tight on bottled water. Finally, the worker need loading bottled water into wrap package machine and wrap 6/12/24 bottles into one package.

1psc 500ml bottles water materisl cost

500ml purfied bottle water 1

1psc cap $0.0075

Water cap have mainly two kind of size, 28mm and 30mm cap

1psc 18gram preform $0.036

Use 18gram preform is enough for most 500ml bottled water and not feeling thickness. Also have a lot company use 15gram preform which save a lot cost.

1psc pvc label $0.004

PVC label mainly cost at printing. The label printing machine price different big. Good printing cost high than scribbled printing.

1psc average wrap film $0.004

1kg wrap film usually can package 500psc bottled water.

Total materials cost USD 0.0515.

If only sell it to agent at USD 0.0915. The smallest line of neptune machinery production is 16000bottles per day. One day can profit USD 640. And one year profit is USD233,600