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PVC shrink label, Save 100K dollar one year

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PVC shrink label

500ml PVC shrink label usually cost USD 0.004. Its mainly cost at printing. The plastic film cost less


Sticker label

500ml Sticker label cost USD 0.02 . Its over 5times cost than PVC shrink label.

1psc 500ml label will save 0.02-0.004=0.016 dollar

6million label *0.016dollar=96000dollar

An nep-1000bph water filling line plant 1years can 6million bottled water

Why PVC label save cost?

Automatic Bottle Sleeve lable shink Process

Because it made use of PVC materials physical properties, PVC face hot temperature will got shrink and tight on the bottle. So its mainly costly at the printing and can use large modernization machine to produce pvc label. 10millions label produce just need 2days. Fast and simple.