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Profit 200,000 dollars per year through open an bottled water filling plant in Africa

bottle water for sales in the shop

Why have this chance?

Because of raw water resource no stable and market small. Some big bottled water company do not willing go Africa and small millions people level Country to open bottled water factory. But those Country lack of safe and pure bottled water. They import bottled water from other Country in past.

bottle water plant loading wrap bottle water into truck for freight to

How many profit through open bottled water factory?

500ml purfied bottle water

An 500ml Bottled Water Materials Cost

1PSC CapUSD 0.0075
1PSC 18G preform for bottleUSD 0.036
1PSC 500ML Bottle labelUSD 0.004
1PSC bottle average filmUSD 0.004
TOTAL USD 0.0515

Usually an 500ml bottled water sales in shop at USD 0.4 in africa. And factory wholesales it to shop or agent at USD 0.2. And its materials cost USD 0.0515. One 500ml bottled water profit USD 0.1485. One smallest bottled water filling plant of neptune can produce 16000psc 500ml bottles per day at least. One month can produce 480000psc 500ml bottle water.

1Month profit= 480000* 0.1485=USD 71280

Every step is important

Open an success bottled water factory every step is important. A lot factory failure because of an small mistake.

blue plastic pet mineral water bottle 2
Good design like

Bottle design is important

Good bottle design is like an artwork. It not only love by customer but also give confidence to factory and agent. It will bring the powerful of the world to help to success.

PVC label design is the future

Use pvc label bottled water, it can save large number of materials. One years even materials cost will save over 2set whole water bottling line budget.

boss who own neptune water bottling plant great business