Semiautomatic 5gallon Bottle Brush Washing and Remove Cap Machine

5gallon bottle brusher and cap remove

Semiautomatic 5Gallon Bottle Brusher and Cap Remover

It is designed for cleaning 5gallon bottles with germ sticky retia inside and accumulative dust or oil filth outside due to long time placement. Both inside and outside of the bottle are brushed and washed by rotary brush and ejecting water. The operation is safe, practical, convenient and effective.

Brief introduction

The machine includes one work station. Turn on the brush knob and pump knob after the bottle is put into the right place. As the cover is closed, the brush motor and water pump start working automatically. The washing time is adjusted by the time relay. During the process, if the cover is open, the machine would stop working immediately.

Working principle

Turn on the power and emergency stop. Close the cover, the SK switch will be on; turn on the pump, the Time Relay KT is electrified and starts to count. At the same time the loop of the AC contactorKM1 which control the pump is electrified and on. PumpM1 starts working, when the brush switch is on, the AC ContactorKM2 which control the brush motor is electrified and on and the brush motor starts working; when the Time Relay finishes its counting, the machine stops. During the washing process, if the cover was open, the pump and the brush motor stop working. Once the cover is close, they will work again.

Main technical parameters

1.Outer dimension: 800mm ×750mm×1215mm
2.Bottle washing capacity:≥100-200bottles /hour
3.Work station: 1
4.Maximum power: 1200w
5.Power supply voltage: AC220v/50Hz
6.Electric current: 7.5A(220V)