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8000LPH RO Water Purification System

ro WATER purification system

RO water purification machine for producing purified water . Its capacity is 8000L/H.

The water is first being removed the suspended matter, micelle and other impurity by the quartz sand filter. Then it is being got rid of the organic substance, chlorine, chroma, and etc by the filter. The above device compose the consummate pretreatment system. The water which is being pretreated reaches the requirement of the RO system. So as to make the RO equipment run stably during a long period.

Technical parameters of 8000lph RO water purification

1). Capacity of producing water: 8000L/h(25℃)

  Notice: The capacity change with the water temperature; mostly, if the water temperature drops every 1℃, the capacity decreases 3%.

 2).The pressure of entering water: <0.4 Mpa

3). Conductivity of entering water: <500µS/cm 

4). Working pressure of RO: 215Psi(1.50 MPa)

5). Rate of reclamation: 50-70%

6). General power: 6.5KW(Three-phase 380V,50Hz)

Equipment list of 8000LPH RO water purification machine

The original pumpNanfang Pump Optional Grundfos PumpCHL16-30  1SET
Quartz sand filter  Fiber Glass Tank(FRP) Optional stainless tankФ1000×26001SET
Active carbon filter  Fiber Glass Tank(FRP) Optional stainless tankФ1000×26001SET
Precision filterSUS304Ф330×1000×δ1.51SET
RO unit   
Membrane shellGlass Steel(FRP)80803SET
Multistage PumpNanfang Pump Optional Grundfos PumpCDL8-1601SET
Conductivity MonitorMade in china 2SET
PHMade in chinaPH5401SET
Flow meterSuzhou10T2SET
Solenoid valveMade in chinaDF321SET
Stainless steel chassisSUS304 1SET
UV system40W UV Sterilization assembly 6SET
SOZ-YOW-G 40G All in one ozone generator systemSOZ-YOW-G 40G All in one ozone generator system   1SET