100BPH 5Gallon Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine

100BPH 5Gallon Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine

It included 4psc washing station: city water washing & pure water washing. 1psc filling head statiopn, 1psc pressure capping station. It is the most cheap 5gallon business machine. One machine produce 5gallon bottle water can for one town people inquiry.

It controlled by PLC with the functions of automatic finish, precise orientation, little manpower and low working intensity. The complete set of
equipment is manufactured by high-strength stainless steel materials and stainless plate steel with precise argon arc, little distortion and fair welding veins. The conveying component structures with stainless steel to assure normal running of the device under various conditions. Nonmetallic components are manufactured elaborately by wearable materials, such as nontoxic PP plastic, etc. In order to make the performance of the device more stable, most of conveying electromotor and booster pump are those products for exportation and electrical components manufactured elaborately by imported series of products or name brand series of
products at home.

Do 5Gallon small business in USA

You can start 5gallon bottle water business in home. The total cost is very cheap to buy NEPTUNE machine, removed all un-necessary machine.

Why Us?- Cheap cheap cheap

Neptune 100BPH water bottling machine is not only cheap, but also high quality, make sure 10-20years good running. Neptune 100BPH 5gallon machine design is very smart, the design reduce all failure rate. The most smart design machine must be most simple machine. The most simple , the less trouble in future.

Neptune 100BPH is large production, hot-sales, Small profits but quick turnover. Some Country order 50psc per year, one machine enough for one town use, all Country every town is fully of neptune 5gallon 100BPH washing filling capping bottled water station.

Main technical parameters

Production capacity 100 Buckets/hour
Bottle’s capacity 18.9 Liters (equal to 5 gallons); 11.3 Liters (equal to 3 gallons)
Rated input power 2.0KW
Electromotor power Conveying electromotor 0.37KW
Disinfectant washing pump 0.37KW×2
Pure washing/filling pump 0.55KW
Cap-aligning electromotor 0.06 KW
Net weight 260kg
Outer size 3225×700×1550(mm) (mm)
Requirement of air compressor 0.1 M³ 0.17 M³/Min 0.8Mpa/Cm²
Requirement of water supply 2.5M3/H