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5Gallon Bottle Water Filling Capping Machine 100BPH

5 gallon bottle filling machine

The machine features four washing stations for city water and pure water washing, along with one filling head and one pressure capping station. It’s a cost-effective solution for 5-gallon bottle water production, serving the needs of an entire town.

  • bottle entering
  • disinfectant washing
  • city water washing
  • pure water washing
  • bottle dropping down
  • pure water filling pressure capping

Working direction

100bph 5gallon bottled water machine design drawing

The machine is meticulously controlled by a PLC, ensuring automated operations with precision, minimal labor requirement, and low intensity. Crafted from high-strength stainless steel and precise arc welding, its components boast durability and resilience, with minimal distortion and impeccable welding. Stainless steel constructions in conveying components ensure seamless operation in diverse conditions. Non-metallic parts are intricately fashioned from durable materials like non-toxic PP plastic. To enhance stability and reliability, the machine employs mostly exported conveying electromotors and booster pumps, alongside meticulously crafted electrical components sourced from reputable international or domestic brands. This meticulous approach ensures consistent and dependable performance of the equipment.

5 Gallon Water Station, Small Business In USA

5 Gallon bottle filling machine small business in USA

You can establish a 5-gallon bottle water filling business right from your home with the affordable NEPTUNE machine, eliminating unnecessary equipment costs. The Neptune 100BPH water bottling machine offers both affordability and durability, ensuring reliable operation for 10-20 years. Its intelligent design significantly reduces the risk of malfunctions, making it a smart investment. By prioritizing simplicity, this machine minimizes potential issues in the long run.

The Neptune 100BPH boasts high production capacity and is in high demand, offering quick turnover despite operating on small profit margins. Some countries order up to 50 units annually, with a single machine sufficient to serve an entire town. Consequently, towns worldwide are adopting Neptune 5-gallon 100BPH stations for their water bottling needs.