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Bag Water Filling Machine Line & Business

What is bag water/ pouch water filling plant ?

In an lot small city or area, do not have big water resource. Usually have an borehole. Which is not big enough for big industry bottled water. So that use bag or sachet packaged the water, and sell bag water locally to profit. And borehole water usually is not clean enoug for business sell. So that need an water filter machine to purified it and bagging into sachet.

Why start bag water/sachet water business?

A lot Country do not have big raw water resource, so that big company willing not enter to start bottle water or bag water business. There leave an lot room for small company and factory. You can easy start this business at home with an borehole. But also need an reverse osmosis water treatment machine to produce the pure water which reach the pure water standard. Then use an sachet filling machine filling and sealling pure water into bag.

One set sachet filing machine factory can produce 16000bags per hours shift.

It will profit USD900 per day. And one month can profit USD 27000.

One bag water cost is USD 0.01. If selling one bag water at USD 0.06.

How to build an bag water purified and filling plant factory ?

Reverse osmosis water treatment machine design for bag water

Reverse osmosis water purification is used to produce pure water. It will removed all contaminants of raw water to produce purified water, Like solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron, manganese and sulphur, and man-made chemical pollutants including fertilisers.

With inside pressure tank, do not need another big pure water tank. Keep fresh water supply. Save the freight.

USD 1300


2000bags per hour speed bagging filling and sealing machine

Sachet Water Filling Machine or named pouch filling machine is widely used for package water into plastic bag. It make use of a single layer o f PE film as packaging materials.Sachet filling machine is the most easy water business machine. It only need one machine . Do not like bottled water which need a lot machine machine. It can forming the film into bag and filled water in to the bag at the same time . Once finished then can got an final bag water product.

USD 1500


To start an small bag water business. Machine invest at lowest to about 3000dollar. And freight cost about USD 1000. Then buy bag film to start production. And final produce is bag pure water.