8000LPH RO Water Purification System

8000LPH RO water purification system

8000LPH RO Water Purification System

Total Price USD 44850

SUS304 TC-12.0SC PRE-TREATMENT( 1.Original pump /2.Quartz Sand Filter /3.Activated Carbon Filter /4.Precision filter /)   1SET USD 7,300.00
RO-1000(8000LPH) unit [5PSC DOW BW30-400 RO membrane] 1SET USD 12,680.00
8000L1700×3500 SUS304 Water Tank (Thickness 0.8mm) 1SET USD 1,800.00
8000L1700×3500 SUS304 Water Tank (Thickness 0.8mm) 1SET USD 1,800.00
SOZ-40G Ozone Generator and Mixing System(Air source) 1SET USD 2,640.00
120W Ultraviolet sterilization assembly(UV) 1SET USD 750.00

This is the RO system for producing drinking . The producing capacity is 8000L/H. The water is first being removed the suspended matter, micelle and other impurity by the quartz sand filter. Then it is being got rid of the organic substance, chlorine, chroma, and etc by the filter. The above device compose the consummate pretreatment system. The water which is being pretreated reaches the requirement of the RO system. So as to make the RO equipment run stably during a long period.
The abio-salt, organic substance, bacteria, heat source and other impurity in the water have been removed after the water was being treated through RO system. The ratio of salt-doffed is 97%-99%.
There are two modes of operation in the system: auto and manual. The system runs automatically by adopting Water Sensor, and Pressure Sensor. The system can produce water automatically in the mode of auto. It is friendly used and safe.

Technical parameters.

1). Capacity of producing water: 8000L/h(25℃)
Notice: The capacity change with the water temperature; mostly, if the water temperature drops every 1℃, the capacity decreases 3%.
2).The pressure of entering water: <0.4 Mpa
3). Conductivity of entering water: <500µS/cm
4). Working pressure of RO: 215Psi(1.50 MPa)
5). Rate of reclamation: 50-70%
6). General power: 6.5KW(Three-phase 380V,50Hz)